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Your Voice

Dear Sandhya, I am very grateful that our paths have crossed. Your coaching supports and strengthens me. You manage to establish a deep connection with me and guide me without pushing me. It's always at my pace and my way. You give me space to orient myself. You never make me feel wrong or different in a negative sense. Your impulses help me recognize and understand, reflect and respect. You always focus on me. When I lose myself, you give me support. After each coaching session, which you often complement with meditation, I feel closer to myself. It's often very emotional and sometimes difficult to endure, to focus on something that is unpleasant or painful. Your sensitive and empathetic nature, your professionalism, and patience support me to keep going, to be mindful with myself, and to develop strength, courage, and power from that. To accept myself and feel deep gratitude. For life and for myself! Thank you! 

Birgit Fahlteich, Managing Director

I had a very beautiful experience with Sandhya. We had a session and I felt very good in contact with her. I received a warm and empathetic listening. She listened to me without expressing any judgment, without interrupting me, and without trying to convince me of anything. She just listened to me from a centered, soft, loving place. This in itself is somewhat healing, as it allows me to express myself and let the energy of my psyche circulate, which is already excellent – and generates relief and clarity.
At the appropriate moments, she invited me to listen to my body, to look within, to breathe, to witness what was happening in my inner universe. I had beautiful and important insights. Essential. It was a beautiful session, with affection, respect, technique and professionalism. Thank you so much, dear Sandhya! We need people like you in this world!

Silvia Wya Poty

We have been working with Sandhya for a long time and we always enjoy working with her. Whether it be yoga classes, holistic health workshops, or mindfulness training courses—Sandhya’s offerings are always well received by our employees. Her coordination with our company and the organization of her offerings is professional and straightforward. Sandhya is responsive to our desires and keeps in constant contact with those responsible during her ongoing offerings in order to continuously take into account the feedback of participants and to be able to respond to participants even better. As a trainer, Sandhya’s empathetic manner enables a protective framework and a very pleasant atmosphere during the courses, even in the context of a corporate environment. The motivations for practice, especially in the mindfulness training courses, were relevant for our employees and could easily be integrated into everyday life. The content was very well structured, with the focus in the lessons being on the exercises, where the participants could directly implement what they had learned.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH 

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