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Intuitive Bodywork


Shamanic Massage

Engaging and receiving

Everything that wants to manifest itself here arises in the moment of touch, in an interplay between giver and receiver. 
My hands do not only enter into communication with your body. They are there to listen to the voice of your body and your soul and to enter into an energetic exchange.

I offer massages for individual areas of the body, such as the head, back and feet.

These last about 50 minutes with an energy balance of 65 €.


The complex full body massage lasts 100 minutes with an energy balance of 130 €.


You are welcome to make the appointment for your very individual massage with me here. 

The prices for Thailand are1000 THB for 50 Minutes and 2000 THB for 100 minutes.

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James A., Greece

Sandhya is an amazingly talented and intuitive body-worker. She beautifully integrates a wide-range of modalities from her years of training and practice in response to your particular needs at the time—from deeply penetrative massage to gentle reintegration of the whole body with sensitive touch and intentional energy work. There is a tangible shamanic quality to her treatments that have left me feeling healed at depths that I could not have imagined beforehand. Sandhya evokes a real sense of trust as she takes you on a journey of healing and self-discovery through her touch.

Alina R., Greece

Sandhya's massage was not merely a simple massage, but a real journey through time and space. Her enveloping and welcoming movements (she uses various parts of her body, not just her hands—producing the sensation of being embraced all the time) transported me to a prenatal dimension of floating in a virtual amniotic fluid. The final sensation was of being reborn, purified—in a word, a child again!


And the feeling of well-being and renewed energy lasted for a long time. This only happens when the soul has been massaged, not only the body.

Rita P., Germany

I had the great fortune to make a "journey" together with Sandhya. A journey into my own body with all its different sensations. 
It was simply wonderful! Refreshing, relaxing and deeply touching. 
The image of "lemon with pepper" came to me. It was always surprising, new and there were unexpected twists. How does she touch me now? Firm and strong, or delicate like a breeze?
To be touched so lovingly and respectfully can open deep "spaces" and make this journey a real adventure. 
Thank you very much dear Sandyha for this wonderful experience.
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