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Rebirthing Breathwork


Rebirthing Breathwork

You can now schedule personal appointments with me.

Online sessions will be available soon.

I look forward to guiding you through a Rebirthing Breathwork session, no matter where you are.

Welcome to a journey of transformation in Rebirthing-Breathwork

Immerse yourself in the profound healing power of Rebirthing breathwork. This transformative method provides a space for deep diving into the breath to release blockages, explore emotional patterns, and find inner peace.

Rebirthing breathwork is a powerful technique aimed at changing breathing patterns and releasing deep emotional and physical tensions. Through conscious and connected breathing, this practice provides access to hidden layers of the self to release stuck energies and promote holistic healing.

During Rebirthing sessions, we enter areas of our subconscious that would otherwise remain inaccessible. Here, we have the opportunity to dissolve old entanglements and connect with ancestors and other helpers and beings that can support spiritual development.

The benefits of Rebirthing breathwork are manifold. Through regular practice, participants can experience increased vitality and energy, deeper emotional balance, and enhanced mental clarity. Additionally, this technique can help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve overall well-being.

During the Rebirthing sessions, as your experienced and trauma-oriented facilitator, I will create a safe and trusting space to mindfully guide you through your breath journey. With gentle guidance and mindfulness, I will support you in fully focusing on your breath and experiencing the natural flow of your inner wisdom.

Whether you're seeking inner healing, spiritual growth, or simply a deeper connection with yourself, Rebirthing breathwork offers a powerful way to achieve these goals. Dive into the transformative potential of the breath and experience the profound benefits of this ancient healing technique.

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of the breath? Sign up now and discover the wonders of Rebirthing breathwork for yourself. Your journey to inner healing and self-discovery begins here.

Session Flow:

1. Arrival Meditation: As participants arrive, they are welcomed into the space with a guided Arrival Meditation. This meditation serves to center and ground participants, helping them transition from their external environment to the present moment. The facilitator leads participants through calming breathwork and visualization exercises, inviting them to release any tension or distractions and cultivate a sense of inner peace and presence.

2. Introduction and Grounding: Following the Arrival Meditation, the facilitator offers a warm welcome and provides an introduction to the Rebirthing-Breathwork session. Participants are invited to ground themselves further, connecting with their intentions for the session and setting the tone for their inner journey.

3. Breathing Preparation: Participants engage in breathing exercises to prepare for the Rebirthing journey. These exercises focus on deep, connected breathing, priming the body and mind for the transformative experience ahead.

4. Breathwork Journey: Once prepared, participants embark on the breathwork journey. Guided by the facilitator's soothing voice and supportive presence, they enter into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. Through continuous breathing, participants explore their inner landscape, releasing stored emotions and accessing deeper layers of consciousness.

5. Emotional Release: As the breathwork unfolds, participants may experience emotional release. Tears, laughter, or other expressions of emotion are welcomed and supported as integral parts of the healing process. The facilitator offers gentle guidance and reassurance, creating a safe space for participants to fully express themselves and release what no longer serves them.

6. Integration and Reflection: Following the breathwork session, participants are invited to rest and integrate their experience. The facilitator leads a guided meditation or relaxation exercise to assist participants in transitioning back to a state of grounded awareness. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their journey, journaling or sharing insights if they feel called to do so.

7. Closing and Gratitude: The session concludes with a closing circle, during which participants gather to express gratitude for the experience and support received. The facilitator offers words of encouragement and affirmation, honoring the courage and vulnerability displayed by each participant.

8. Post-Session Support: Participants are provided with resources for post-session support, including self-care practices and avenues for further exploration. The facilitator remains available for follow-up questions or  guidance, supporting participants on their ongoing journey of healing and self-discovery.

Francesca Levi

Lotus Alkhemy

I had a rebirthing session with Sandhya. She held the space with sacredness, love, presence, so it was very easy for me to enter into the process. I felt so safe and cared that was very natural for my body to release the energy and the emotions deeply stuck in its tissues. This rebirthing session was for women only, it was like to be inside the womb, permeated by a deep maternal love. That allowed me to work especially on traumas happened during the pregnancy, the painful and shocking loss of my twin sister and the very difficult birth. I felt seen, guided and supported during the whole session, Sandhya was really paying attention and tuning with what each of us were going through, offering her sweet but strong support. I would definitely do other sessions and I strongly recommend her.

Helena Wilhelm

Certified Detox Specialist

I have already experienced several rebirthing sessions, each of which was very special to me. However, this time, I had the opportunity to do it with Sandhya in a 1:1 session. And wow, what can I say. I could completely let go with Sandhya and felt very comfortable and held. Sandhya supported me and allowed me to work at my own pace. She has a beautiful, calm, very maternal, and healing energy. I was going through a challenging time, and the 1:1 rebirthing session was very healing and crucial for my process. I am so grateful for this experience and for Sandhya accompanying me on my healing journey. Thank you.
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