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Sandhya SoulConnection

Mindfulness Coaching   Yoga Classes  Bodywork

WELCOME beautiful soul

You are at exactly the right place at the right time

This is a journey to yourself


Yoga courses and classes

My motivation is to share the meaning and spirit of yoga. I want you to find your own way of practicing yoga and thereby lead a healthy and fulfilled life. The connection between movement and breathing helps us to gain more awareness of our body. We start to get to know the language of our body again and gain access to our feelings, our mind and our soul. A holistic health maintenance and healing concept.


Intuitive Bodywork

From a shamanic approach you will receive your very individual touch. It will guide you into a deep relaxation and healing space. A journey to connect with yourself in a safe space.


1 to 1 Coaching

In my coaching, I help you—in a safe intimate setting—to regain access to your feelings

and to be able to bear them with all that wants to show itself.

I will be here with you as you pass through obstacles and embrace your always present happiness.


EFT Trainings and Sessions

This complementary healing method can be used to address both acute crises as well as long-term blockages. It helps you to quickly relieve stress and to re-establish balance and right self-management in your day-to-day life.


Mindfulnesstrainings for self-regulation

When we look for happiness on the outside, we quickly realize that it cannot be found there permanently.

True happiness lies within...

But how can we get access to it...


Reiki initiations for all levels

More is coming soon


You are unique

It is beneficial and healing to be seen and appreciated as who we are.

Here you can access my Instagram page

and get impressions of my work and life as a digital nomad.

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