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Mindfulness coaching


Selecting a coach is an intimately personal decision. Establishing a genuine connection between us is paramount for fostering an impactful coaching partnership. That's why I provide a complimentary 15-minute chemistry call, ensuring our compatibility and setting the stage for meaningful progress.

"I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.
Your coaching supports and strengthens me."

1 to 1 Coaching

I am here to guide you back to trusting yourself. Doubts and overthinking often cloud our clear vision of ourselves, and it's easy to get lost in the whirlwind of everyday life. We need a moment of calm, which can only be found in a safe space. I provide that space for you. You are welcome to arrive and stay, to show everything that moves and troubles you.

I assure you, together we will find a way that leads you back to self-confidence and self-acceptance – and even to true joy, which finds its home in your heart.


Yoga courses and classes

I want to share the meaning and spirit of yoga with you. I want you to find your own way of practicing yoga and thereby lead a healthy and fulfilled life. The connection between movement and breathing will help you gain a better awareness of your body. You begin to understand the language of your body anew and establish a connection to your feelings and your mind. A holistic concept of health maintenance and healing is the most effective way to a fulfilled life.


Emotional Freedom Technique

This complementary healing method is also known as tapping or EFT. It has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine.

I will show you how to tap specific meridian points to achieve a balancing and calming effect on your nervous system. You can resolve both acute crises and long-term blockages.

I will guide you so that you can quickly reduce stress and restore your inner balance.

Mindfulnesstrainings for self-regulation

When we look for happiness on the outside, we quickly realize that it cannot be found there permanently.

True happiness lies within...

I will guide you there with simple exercises.


Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is a profound healing method in which we consciously use the breath with a circular connected breathing technique. With this practice, you can dive into deeper emotions and dissolve them. Through this kind of self-discovery, your spiritual growth is encouraged and stress is reduced. Experience the transformative power of Rebirthing Breathwork as you embark on a journey of inner balance and personal transformation.


Intuitive Bodywork

From a shamanic approach you will receive your very individual touch. It will guide you into a deep relaxation and healing space. A journey to connect with yourself in a safe space.


remember - you are unique

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