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When mindfulness touches something beautiful, it reveals its beauty.
When it touches something painful, it transforms it and heals it.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I help you find your happiness!

You have lost contact with yourself and don't really trust yourself right now.

Making decisions is difficult for you, because you are afraid of the consequences they may bring. 

Fear of your own reactions and feelings keeps you away from living your full potential.

But even though it is scary, you know that the only way to yourself is to face this fear.

In my coaching, I help you—in a safe intimate setting—to regain access to your feelings

and to be able to bear them with all that wants to show itself.

This is a commitment that you make with yourself.
You have to be ready for it. 

I will help you come to terms with this fear!

I accompany you through the dark valleys and narrow gorges

that you do not want to enter alone.
My way is to guide you in love, through love, to love. 
And my gift is to pick you up exactly where you have lost access to yourself.

I am here for you!

I will be with you as you overcome obstacles and guide you to your ever-present happiness.

Let’s get to know each other in our first FREE discovery call.


I offer single sessions for acute concerns, but also packages of 3, 6 and 10 sessions

that allow you to work on your shadows and deep-seated issues

and to go into the process of healing and inner growth.


Inner Child

We are all a complex of experiences and lessons learned. We believe in what we have learned and have carried with us forever. Beliefs and ways of acting shape our lives. Many of them we have unknowingly adopted unfiltered and made them our own. They block us from coming into our power and living our life in all its light and fullness.

It takes great trust to get to the source, because that is where we are most vulnerable and we will do everything we can to protect ourselves so that we don't have to experience more hurt.

When we reach a point where we don't know how to go on, where we surrender, the willingness for true change and inner growth is allowed to emerge.

If you're ready, we can start together. You can trust that you're in good hands here.

I am here to help guide you through your own process of understanding, release and growth.

The Path

Start listening to yourself. All you need for your healing and recognizing your own light is trust in yourself. Trust what you hear when you listen to your own body. It is your compass and shows you the way. Through it you find access to your inner voice and intuition again. 

I accompany you from moment to moment to moment.

Everything that wants to show up has its right to be here. Everything that wants to change is invited to change. 
The greater your willingness to go into growth, the more legacy burden can be dissolved.
What makes you is your own creation. You can reinvent yourself according to your own values, accept and learn to love.

Therein lies true happiness. 

Your path becomes recognizable when the time is ripe.
It reveals itself like a red thread that has always accompanied you. Only that you can understand and see the connections only when you are ready to detach yourself from the past and move on. 

Learn to follow the flow of your life.

Price offers

Single session 90 €

3 sessions 270 €,

with 20 % discount 216 €

6 sessions 540 €

with 20 % discount 432 €

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