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Mindfulness training for self-regulation

Regain access to your own innate wisdom

When we look for happiness on the outside, we quickly realize that it cannot be found there permanently.

True happiness lies within...

But how can we access it?

The first thing that happens when we withdraw from external influences is often a feeling of being overwhelmed with the thoughts and feelings that want to push themselves to the surface from within. For most people, this quickly becomes too much, so they rush back into the distractions on the outside. Dissatisfaction becomes a chronic companion.

Our nervous system reacts with stress and emotions, and with symptoms that are difficult to regulate, potentially leading to illnesses that affect all levels of our being.

In this course we learn


  • to find trust in ourselves through a gentle approach

  • to get in touch with ourselves and our body’s own innate abilities

  • to perceive the voice of our body and our feelings, to listen to them and to pay attention to them

  • to go from a safe and trusting foundation into an authentic and peaceful contact with ourselves and with our fellow human beings

Inner satisfaction, healing and authentic being


Through mindful self-awareness, our nervous system is spontaneously self-regulated and holistic healing processes can take effect. 

Resilience for challenging situations that we encounter in everyday life is greatly increased. 

Lightness and joy are given space in our lives again. 

The group setting allows us to resonate and experience that we are not alone with our blockages and feelings. And it helps reveal that there is an inner freedom that can be found in the heart of every being.

This mindfulness training course consists of six weekly one hour online classes along with daily exercises for personal practice that can easily be done at home. In order to be able to better resonate with each other, the class meetings take place with our cameras turned on. The daily exercises will be made available to you in written form for your ongoing reference and practice. After you have completed the course you will be given the opportunity to participate in regular online practice sessions that will allow you to deepen what you have already learned and to integrate it ever further into your daily life.

This training is suitable for corporate health promotion, as well for individuals interested in personal well-being and growth.


Meditation Breathing Movement Self-awareness Exercises Exchange

Silke, Germany

Sandhya hat die besondere Gabe, auch online Nähe und Vertrauen -auch unter den Teilnehmern- herzustellen und ihre Inhalte, die ihr ein echtes Herzensanliegen sind, sehr eingängig zu vermitteln. Der Aufbau des Kurses ist schlüssig und abwechslungsreich. Die Übungen sind überraschend wirkungsvoll und so bestechend einfach, dass garantiert jeder etwas davon in seinen Alltag integrieren kann.

Sabine, Germany

Sandhya has the special gift to create closeness and trust online—
not only one-on-one, but also among all participants.
She conveys the course contents, which are a real matter of the heart for her,
in a very engaging manner. The structure of the course is coherent and varied.
The exercises are surprisingly effective and so impressively simple that
everyone is guaranteed to be able to integrate some of them into their everyday life.

Lisa, Germany

Mindfulness training has sensitized me to experience moments and situations completely clearly and consciously and to really perceive them in order to simultaneously locate myself in the here and now. It is specifically about learning serenity, resilience, value freedom and self-reflection combined with relaxation exercises. A successful concept.
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