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We have been working with Sandhya for a long time and we always enjoy working with her. Whether it be yoga classes, holistic health workshops, or mindfulness training courses—Sandhya’s offerings are always well received by our employees. Her coordination with our company and the organization of her offerings is professional and straightforward. Sandhya is responsive to our desires and keeps in constant contact with those responsible during her ongoing offerings in order to continuously take into account the feedback of participants and to be able to respond to participants even better. As a trainer, Sandhya’s empathetic manner enables a protective framework and a very pleasant atmosphere during the courses, even in the context of a corporate environment. The motivations for practice, especially in the mindfulness training courses, were relevant for our employees and could easily be integrated into everyday life. The content was very well structured, with the focus in the lessons being on the exercises, where the participants could directly implement what they had learned.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH 


Timm H.

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on EFT tapping facilitated by Sandhya. First, she explained the technique in detail and responded to questions knowledgeably and authentic. After demonstrating it on herself we practised the tapping in pairs. The instruction material she provided gave a great framework to go through it the first time alone. Although it wasn’t a deep topic, for which I used it during the workshop, it brought immediate relaxation and more clarity. I have used the EFT tapping since that workshop on many occasions. It is a great tool to get in connection with the emotion(s) and to even go deeper and see them more clearly. Besides coming back to equilibrium after the technique has given me some more insights into myself. Thank you, Sandhya for the amazing workshop and for sharing this technique in a great way.


Iris K.

Sandhya is an amazing coach with a warm, kind and grounding energy! But don’t underestimate her. She knows exactly where you are sabotaging yourself, holding yourself back and are out of alignment. Everytime I though i could get away with something and it got uncomfortable… she opened the box which I didn’t wanna open. With her amazing tools and her calm and kind energy I could open myself(and the box) fully. What a transformation I had with this amazing coach! Im so glad she crossed my path, because she helped me to (re)connect with myself on deeper levels. And I always felt supported, even during, after and inbetween de sessions! I highly recommend to get coaching sessions from her. She is very empowering and will let you see where you are holding yourself back. I transformed and transmuted so much!


Christiane Eitle, Thailand

I highly recommend the EFT course with Sandhya to just everyone. I loved her authentic way of sharing her personal experience and at the same time explaining the theory and magic behind this technique. There
was a lot of space for questions and I felt
super comfortable sharing my individual experiences and struggles.

We went through several guided rounds, covered some individual subjects and I learned how to use the tool by myself. I couldn’t believe how it instantly made me feel grounded, calm and present. Since the course, I do the tapping every day and can say it changed my mental state, released physical tension and absolutely improved my life for the better. Sandhya's passion for EFT, and for life in general, makes this workshop very unique and special. Thank you.


Ellen H.

The mindfulness training was really great—
from the set-up, to the guidance of the exercises during the week, to the little reminders from Sandhya, to the training materials, etc.
I highly recommend this course.
It really changed my attitude in a positive way and made me understand the subject very clearly.
I have learned and experienced very good exercises during the course, which have benefited me as tools and assistance in everyday life.

The circumstances in this currently very challenging time, had stressed and affected me very much. Since I can only influence them to a limited extent, I was looking for a way to "change" something for myself and to regain my strength.

In this mindfulness course, I was sensitized to perceive myself, my needs, my feelings and my environment—to pause again and again during the day, and to reflect on what the current situation is and what it is doing to me. Through guided exercises, meditations and homework, I experienced during the six weeks how I can be mindful and benevolent in contact with myself and my surroundings. I have experienced very consciously and intensively how my perception changes, and I recognize what gives me strength and what takes away my strength. My environment has also reflected this change back to me. I am grateful for the way Sandhya has shown me to be mindful of my challenges and to accept them benevolently.
As a result, I feel new courage, strength and confidence.
I will continue to face problems, stress and insecurities, but I have learned to be mindful of myself through this course. I can only recommend this course to everyone. You will be strengthened, sensitized,
and take away many new experiences and insights about yourself.
Thank you for the beautiful, intense time in the course, with you and the other participants.


Ingrid H., Germany

I have learned to let go, to allow, and to let be.....I am not always successful at this,
but it happens much more often and easier than ever before. In addition,
I now see things that happen to me not as merely negative in terms of how I consider and
evaluate them, but as a gift to me that continues to grow and transform me.
Sandhya is a wonderful human being and life-coach,and I am incredibly grateful that
she accompanies me on my path. Through her insanely empathic nature, Sandhya manages
to create an extraordinary familiarity/connection from the very first moment. In addition,
she is one hundred percent present from the first second, and through her mindfulness and
manner is immediately present in the treated topic. I knew EFT previously,
but only through Sandhya have I found access to how I can best use and integrate it with my life.

Birgit F., Germany

Sandhya is a great yoga trainer. She is very sensitive and attentive to her participants. She challenges where appropriate without being too demanding. I was a beginner and felt very well received and guided. The online format is very appropriate as it allows me to be with myself and in a protected environment, and still have enough contact with Sandhya and the group. Thank you very much. It has helped me a lot.


Elisabeth M., Thailand

I really enjoyed Sandhya's EFT training. I found the experiential style and structure of the course very helpful in anchoring the information in my body. Instead of a lot of top-heavy or technical explanations, we were greeted with an intuitive, somatic and deep approach to this work. Sandhya clearly knows this work very well and I now feel confident in using this technique.


James A., Greece

Sandhya is an amazingly talented and intuitive body-worker. She beautifully integrates a wide-range of modalities from her years of training and practice in response to your particular needs at the time—from deeply penetrative massage to gentle reintegration of the whole body with sensitive touch and intentional energy work. There is a tangible shamanic quality to her treatments that have left me feeling healed at depths that I could not have imagined beforehand. Sandhya evokes a real sense of trust as she takes you on a journey of healing and self-discovery through her touch.

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