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Sandhya Sandra Jaßmann

+49 15153994236

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Ellen H., Germany

I am grateful for the way Sandhya has shown me to be mindful of my challenges and to accept them benevolently. As a result, I feel new courage, strength and confidence.

Gabriella M., Australia

Sandhya was very kind, caring and encouraging throughout the journey of change but was also able to challenge me in a non-threatening manner. She supported me to be kind to myself and to acknowledge my strengths. Sandhya provided me with a range of tools to use including EFT, meditation, journaling, and the use of gratitude in daily life.

Manuela B., Germany

Wonderful person, teacher and companion! Sandhya guides very mindfully and sensitively,  step by step—whether in yoga or on the personal path. Always authentic and open with the sharing of her own experiences that give courage.
Thank you very much for everything you are willing to give!
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